January 18, 2020

What do I get if I win?

How are benefits calculated for SSDI or SSI?

Whether you are filling a claim for SSDI or SSI benefits, the calculation for the amount of benefits you will receive involves your level of earnings while you were capable of working. The amount of money that you had deducted from your gross earnings each year which you contributed to the SSA is taken into consideration as well. The formula used to determine the amount of your benefits is a difficult one to understand.

However, an experienced disability attorney knows how to do this and can give you an idea of the amount that you are entitled to. Usually, the amount of your benefits is based on your PIA or Primary Insurance Amount. If you go to the SSA website and look this up, you will find more information on this so you can understand it better. Additionally, filling out SSA Form 7004 will help you estimate your benefits so you have a better idea.

Average amounts of SSDI or SSI monthly benefits

In our years of experience, we have seen SSDI benefits range from as little as $100 per month to $1,800 per month. The average SSDI benefit is roughly $1,100 per month but that figure can vary depending on you and your particular case. All the factors that are taken into consideration and relative to your circumstances will affect your monthly benefits either up or down. Conversely, and unlike SSDI benefits, SSI amounts are updated on an annual basis. Provided the individuals had no offsets to their benefits, recipients usually received $674 per month in SSI benefits and $1,011 if there is a spouse.

A word about “back benefit” checks and “lump sum” payments

You may or may not have heard the expression “lump sum” payments which are payments that the SSA issues in order to cover any past due benefits that you have yet to receive. Usually, these are rather large checks retroactive to the time you became disabled and could no longer work. These are also referred to as “back benefit” checks. Because of the fact that the waiting period for receiving benefits that are due you is so extensive, a person will usually receive these benefits to cover that waiting period.

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